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The base of legal regulations of the collective administration of rights in the Czech republic constitutes with effect from 1 December 2000 Act No. 121/2000 Sb. on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on the Amendment of Certain Laws (thereinafter „Copyright Act“), concretely its title IV, article § 95 et sequentes. Before entry into effect of the Copyright Act , collective administration of rights was set by the Act No. 237/1995 Sb., of a collective control of copyright and rights related to the copyright and of modification and supplementation of some acts. Permission to collective administration is invested by Ministry of Culture in terms of conditions defined by the Copyright Act. Ministry of Culture is also authorized for a control of a collective administrators activity.

In accordance with a purpose of a collective adiministration of rights, which is according to the enactment § 95 of the Copyright Act a collective exercitation and protection of rights in property of their rightholders and facilitation of accessing of objects of these rights to public, society INTERGRAM guarantees with a care of careful manager administration of rights in property of performers and producers of sound and sound-visual recordings for their artistic performances and sound-visual recordings, in case, that other than collective management of these rights is forbidden or unsuitable.


The update of the list of labels for the payment of remuneration for the year 2016

We hereby inform you that the deadline for submission of the list of labels for the payment of remuneration for the year 2016 is March 31, 2016.

In association with this please note that labels that were reported in broadcasting for the year 2015 and no producer had applied for their ownership so far are available on the Internet in the excel file List of Unclaimed Labels via the link below.


We hereby ask you to check the list.


For the submission of the updated list of labels and the labels claimed from the list of unclaimed labels please contact: Markéta Koliášová at the email address:

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Catalogue of Producers

We inform you that a deadline for submitting the Catalogues of Producer to INTERGRAM for the purposes of distribution of remuneration collected for the year 2016 is 23rd January 2017.  The relevant forms to be filled out, including instructions and an informative letter, can be downloaded here: Catalogue

At the same time we inform you that a deadline for submitting Recording protocols and other documents relevant to a settlement of royalties collected for a use in 2016 (album covers, performance information from official websites of manufacturers etc.) is 28th February 2017.

Documents submitted after that deadline will not be taken into consideration in this distribution.

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