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The base of legal regulations of the collective administration of rights in the Czech republic constitutes with effect from 1 December 2000 Act No. 121/2000 Sb. on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on the Amendment of Certain Laws (thereinafter „Copyright Act“), concretely its title IV, article § 95 et sequentes. Before entry into effect of the Copyright Act , collective administration of rights was set by the Act No. 237/1995 Sb., of a collective control of copyright and rights related to the copyright and of modification and supplementation of some acts. Permission to collective administration is invested by Ministry of Culture in terms of conditions defined by the Copyright Act. Ministry of Culture is also authorized for a control of a collective administrators activity.

In accordance with a purpose of a collective adiministration of rights, which is according to the enactment § 95 of the Copyright Act a collective exercitation and protection of rights in property of their rightholders and facilitation of accessing of objects of these rights to public, society INTERGRAM guarantees with a care of careful manager administration of rights in property of performers and producers of sound and sound-visual recordings for their artistic performances and sound-visual recordings, in case, that other than collective management of these rights is forbidden or unsuitable.


Intergram - a new Managing Director

In Prague, January 5th 2016

Please note that from January 1st 2016 Jan Simon has been appointed as a new Managing Director of the collective manager INTERGRAM, an independent society of performers, phonograms and audiovisual recordings.

Mrs. Ivana Jansikova representing this collective manager as a Managing Director last year is going to continue her activities for INTERGRAM as a Deputy Managing Director.

Please note Jan Simon's contacts:

Jan Simon
Managing Director
Tel: +420 221 871 910
Cel: +420 725 580 760

Klimentská 1207/10
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

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Catalogue of Producers


in recent years we received from you for the needs of distribution of remuneration a catalogue of recordings which you hold the rights of the producer of phonograms to (alternatively of audiovisual fixations – video clips) or you showed an interest for a registration of the catalogue of such recordings.

For a purpose of an actualization of these data you can download HERE the standardized electronic form of the catalogue in the attachment (in xml and xls formats). As the past year we are also attaching the form THE AFFIRMATION OF THE PRODUCER OF PHONOGRAMS AND AUDIOVISUAL FIXATIONS (VIDEO CLIPS) to set up a claim for remuneration for the use of phonograms and audiovisual fixations (video clips) in accordance with §§ 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 25, in connection with §§ 78 and 82 of the Act No. 121/2000 Coll. (Copyright Act), as amended, from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 which filling and completing is necessary for a formal and legal confirmation of the actual catalogue valid for the distribution of remuneration collected for the use in the year 2015.

The whole catalogue of recordings which you hold or exercise the rights to for the year 2015 (including recordings newly released in the year 2015) please list in the form. The recordings which you held/exercised the rights to in the past but not in the year 2015 anymore, do not list in the catalogue. Instructions how to fill the standardized electronic form and what to avoid while filling please find in the Additional information to the catalogue of the producer attached as well.

The deadline for delivering of this Affirmation and its attachment (i.e. catalogue of recordings in standardized electronic form stored on a flash drive, CD or on other medium) to INTERGRAM for the needs of distribution of remuneration collected for the year 2015, is 25 January 2016. Catalogues delivered after that deadline will not be taken into consideration in this distribution.

My colleague Ing. Michal Krejčiřík is responsible for further communication with you and for taking over of submitted catalogues and affirmations (tel.: +420 221 871 932, email:

In case of using different formats or technical questions please contact my colleague Patrik Boubín (tel.: +420 221 871 912, e-mail:

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