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I am a performing artist

Who is considered to be a performing artist?

For the purposes of INTERGRAM, subject to the terms and conditions of the Articles of Association and pursuant to the applicable wording of the Copyright Act, a performing artist is a natural person who has created an artistic performance. Performing artists include, without limitation, singers, musicians, conductors, choir masters, actors, voice actors, dance and voice over directors.

The contractual relationship between a performing artist and INTERGRAM is created upon the conclusion of a contract of representation of performer´s rights.

    Documents required for the conclusion of the contract of representation of performer´s rights:

    1. Contract of representation of performer´s rights

    The contract of representation of rights must be filled in two copies and both copies must be sent to the INTERGRAM address. One copy signed by INTERGRAM will be then sent back to the performing artist. One of such two copies must bear a certified signature of the rightholder, or a handwritten signature of the rightholder + the delivery of a clearly visible colour photocopy of the rightholder´s valid identity card containing his/her signature must be provided. A certified signature is not required in contracts of representation which  are signed on INTERGRAM´s premises. In such case, the rightholder signs the documents on site and his/her identity is verified by a competent employee of INTERGRAM from the identity card provided by such cardholder.


    2. Instructions for consignation of remuneration from INTERGRAM


    The Instructions for consignation of remuneration from INTERGRAM are intended for providing information regarding the bank, address and tax domicile. Should there be a change of the name or the bank, the Instructions form must bear the artist´s certified signature, or the artist may sign the form and send a clearly legible colour photocopy of the valid identity card containing his/her signature. After verifying the artist´s identity, the photocopy of the identity card provided by the rightholder will be shredded.