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Are you a performing artist, heir, producer, label, or other subject  whose performances or records are subject to collective management? This section provides you all necessary information including the way how to enter into the contract of representation with INTERGRAM.

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All sites where music is played or where television or the radio is on must obtain a license. No matter if you are a bartender, music club or shop operator, hotel keeper or broadcaster, you can find all information here. We will help you even if you wish to use a song in a commercial or in a wedding video.

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INTERGRAM z.s. is a collective administrator of rights of performing artists and producers of phonograms and audio-visual fixations. It represents artists and producers and collects remuneration for the public use of their performances and fixations, inter alia, on the radio or television, and/or in public performances.



906, 2023

INTERGRAM 2022 distribution launched

9. June 2023|

Dear Rightholders, the 2022 distribution has been launched. Within the next few days performing artists, producers of phonograms and heirs will be paid out. Subsequently, the tax documents will [...]

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INTERGRAM is an independent organization representing performing artists and producers of phonograms and audio-visual fixations and administering their economic rights. Our role is to connect performing artists and producers with broadcasters, operators of public performances and other users.

We are a non-profit organization belonging to performing artists and producers that ensures that their work is legally and financially settled in case it has been used. Thanks to us, artists and producers in the Czech Republic and abroad get fair remuneration for the use of their performances and fixations.